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In most cultures, it is custom to express gratitude in some way or another. The dictionary defines gratitude as follows: it is “the quality of being thankful; readiness to show appreciation for and to return kindness”. Giving a sincere, thankful response to someone’s actions or words is often the ‘glue’ that keeps relationships together. This is true in most societies! Doing so in a foreign country also shows your respect and appreciation for the culture. Words have great power – use these ones sincerely and often!

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  1. 12 Ways to say ‘Thank you’ in Indonesian
  2. Video Lesson: Learn to Say ‘Thank You’ in 3 Minutes
  3. Video Lesson: ‘Thank You’ in 31 Languages
  4. How IndonesianPod101 Can Help You

So, how do you say ‘Thank you’ in Indonesian? You can learn easily! Below, IndonesianPod101 brings you perfect translations and pronunciation as you learn the most common ways Indonesian speakers say ‘Thanks’ in various situations.

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1. 12 Ways to say ‘Thank you’ in Indonesian

1- Thank you.

Terima kasih.

The magical words that can bring a smile to any face. For one day, truly mean it whenever you say these words, and see how this lifts your spirit too!

2- That’s very kind of you.

Anda sungguh baik hati.

This phrase is appropriate when someone clearly goes out of their way to give good service, or to offer you a kindness.

3- Thanks for your kind words!

Terima kasih untuk kata-kata baik Anda!

Someone paid you a compliment and made you feel good? That is kind of him/her, so express your gratitude!

4- Thank you for coming today.

Terima kasih sudah datang hari ini.

This welcoming phrase should be part of your arsenal if you’re conducting more formal meetings with Indonesian speakers. If you’re hosting a party, this is also a good phrase when you greet your Indonesian guests!

5- Thank you for your consideration.

Terima kasih atas pertimbangan Anda.

This is a more formal, almost solemn way to thank someone for their thoughtfulness and sensitivity towards you. It is also suitable to use when a native speaker has to consider something you submit, like a job application, a project or a proposal. You are thanking them, in essence, for time and effort they are about to, or have spent on your submission.

6- Thanks a lot!

Terima kasih banyak!

This means the same as ‘Thank you’, but with energy and enthusiasm added! It means almost the same as ‘thank you so much’ in Indonesian. Use this in an informal setting with your Indonesian friends or teachers.

7- Teachers like you are not easy to find.

Guru seperti Anda tidak mudah untuk ditemukan.

Some phrases are compliments, which express gratitude by inference. This is one of them. If you’re particularly impressed with your IndonesianPod101 teacher, this is an excellent phrase to memorize!

8- Thank you for spending time with us.

Terima kasih sudah meluangkan waktu dengan kami.

Any host at a gathering with Indonesian speakers, such as a meeting or a party, should have this under his/her belt! Use it when you’re saying goodbye or busy closing a meeting. It could also be another lovely way to thank your Indonesian language teacher for her time.

9- Thank you for being patient and helping me improve.

Terima kasih sudah bersabar dan membantu saya untuk menjadi lebih baik.

This phrase is another sure way to melt any formal or informal Indonesian teacher’s heart! Teaching is not easy, and often a lot of patience is required from the teacher. Thank him/her for it! It’s also a good phrase to use if you work in Indonesia, and want to thank your trainer or employer. You will go a long way towards making yourself a popular employee – gratitude is the most attractive trait in any person!

10- You’re the best teacher ever!

Anda adalah guru terbaik!

This is also an enthusiastic way to thank your teacher by means of a compliment. It could just make their day!

11- Thank you for the gift.

Terima kasih untuk hadiahnya.

This is a good phrase to remember when you’re the lucky recipient of a gift. Show your respect and gratitude with these words.

12- I have learned so much thanks to you.

Saya telah belajar banyak berkat Anda.

What a wonderful compliment to give a good teacher! It means they have succeeded in their goal, and you’re thankful for it.

2. Video Lesson: Learn to Say ‘Thank You’ in 3 Minutes

Wherever your destination may be, manners are a must! And in this respect, Indonesia is no different.

1- Terima kasih.
In Indonesian “Thank you.” is Terima kasih. The first word of the phrase, terima, means “to accept.” This is followed by kasih, which in Indonesian means “love.” And the entire expression again is terima kasih. Literally, you are saying “it is accepted with love.”

2- Makasih.
In Indonesian the informal way of expressing gratitude, like “thanks” in English, is makasih. This phrase, which is a shortened form for terima kasih, is used among friends, in other informal situations, and in more relaxed business situations such as shopping at the market, riding in a taxi, and so on. In Indonesian, shortened versions of expressions such as this are usually good indicators of informal language.

3- Terima kasih banyak.
For very special occasions when someone goes above and beyond the call of being kind, when someone is extremely generous, or for any other time you’re extremely grateful, we have the following phrases to express extreme gratitude: Terima kasih banyak. We’ve already gone over the first two words of this expression—the first word terima means “to accept.” And the second word kasihmeans “love.” These two words are then followed by a new word banyak, which means “many” or “much.”

4- Makasih banyak.
The informal way of expressing extreme gratitude, like “Thanks a lot” in English is Makasih banyak. We’ve already gone over the two words of this expression — the first word makasih is the shortened informal form for terima kasih. And the second word banyak, means “many” or “much.”

Cultural Insights

Quick Tip 1
In Indonesia, there are a few ways to say “thank you”, but all of them incorporate some form of the Indonesian idiom terima kasih, which literally means “it is accepted (with) love.”

The informal versions (makasih/makasih banyak) may be used not only with friends and family, but also in a number of relaxed business situations, such as buying something in the market or after a ride on a taxi.

By the same token, the formal versions (terima kasih/terima kasih banyak) should be used in more official situations, such as conducting business at an office, making a speech at a formal event such as a wedding, or writing a letter to anyone outside your circle of friends or family. These should also be used when one is talking with a stranger who is noticeably older or who has a higher professional title than the speaker.

Of course, there is nothing wrong with using the formal forms in all situations, and many speakers do opt for this strategy.

Quick Tip 2
There are also slang versions of “thanks” and “thanks a lot,” which are trims (another way of shortening terima kasih), makasih banget, and trims banget. The words trims and banget (which means “very” or “extremely” ) are typical of the slang spoken around Jakarta, the Indonesian capital. Nowadays, many young people from urban centers throughout Indonesia use these most informal forms. These are to be used only in casual conversations with close friends and family, preferably with those who are closest in age with the speaker.

On the run to Indonesia? Wait! You can’t go without some basic language phrases under your belt! Especially if you’re heading to meet your prospective employer! Either in person or online, knowing how to say ‘Thank you’ in the Indonesian language will only improve their impression of you! IndonesianPod101 saves you time with this short lesson that nevertheless packs a punch. Learn to say ‘Thank you’ in Indonesian in no time!

3. Audio Lesson: Survival Phrases – Thank You

Perhaps you think it’s unimportant that you don’t know what ‘Thank you’ is in Indonesian, or that it’s too difficult a language to learn. Yet, as a traveler or visitor, you will be surprised at how far you can go using a little bit of Indonesian in Indonesia!

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At IndonesianPod101, we offer you a few ways of saying ‘Thank you’ in Indonesian that you have no excuse not knowing, as they’re so simple and easy to learn. The lesson is geared to aid your ‘survival’ in formal and informal situations in Indonesia, so don’t wait! You will never have to google ‘How do you say thanks in Indonesian’ again…!

4. ‘Thank You’ in 31 Languages

For the global traveler in a hurry, here are 31 ways to say ‘Thank you’! These are the first words you need to learn in any foreign language – it is sure to smooth your way with native speakers by showing your gratitude for services rendered, and your respect for their culture! Learn and know how to correctly say ‘Thank you’ in 31 different languages in this short video.

5. Why would IndonesianPod101 be the perfect choice to learn Indonesian?

However, you need not stop at ‘Thank you’ in Indonesian – why not learn to speak the language?! You have absolutely nothing to lose. Research has shown that learning a new language increases intelligence and combats brain-aging. Also, the ability to communicate with native speakers in their own language is an instant way to make friends and win respect! Or imagine you know how to write ‘Thank you’ to that special Indonesian friend after a date…he/she will be so impressed!

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How To Say ‘Thank you’ in {language} - Blog (5)

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How do you say thank you in Indonesian? ›

1- Terima kasih.

In Indonesian “Thank you.” is Terima kasih. The first word of the phrase, terima, means “to accept.” This is followed by kasih, which in Indonesian means “love.” And the entire expression again is terima kasih.

How do you say thank you very much in Indonesian? ›

In Indonesian the formal way of expressing extreme gratitude, like "Thank you very much" in English is Terima kasih banyak. (slow) Terima kasih banyak.

How do you respond to thank you in Indonesian? ›

Kembali. [slowly] Kembali. Literally, this word means "back" or "return,” but it stands for “thanks right back at you”. This has become a common and polite way to respond to someone thanking you.

What is the proper Indonesian greeting? ›

Hello – Selamat/Halo

All Indonesian greetings begin with Selamat, which roughly means happy, good, and peaceful, and is coupled with other words to create new greetings. You can also say Halo, a rather casual way to say hi. Halo is an informal way to say hello in Indonesian, like hello in English.

How do you respond to thank you so much? ›

8 Responses to “Thank You” That Mean (Even) More Than “You're Welcome”
  1. “Happy to!” Delighting someone else is one of the great pleasures of being human. ...
  2. “It was my pleasure.” ...
  3. “I'm so glad you liked it!” ...
  4. “I'm so glad it was helpful!” ...
  5. “Of course!” ...
  6. “It's an honor!” ...
  7. “Any time!” ...
  8. “You're most welcome.”
Dec 10, 2022

What is good morning in Indonesian language? ›

While in English we begin every such greeting with “good”, in Indonesian selamat is the word we use to wish people a “happy”, “peaceful” or “safe” day. Selamat pagi! — Good morning! Selamat siang!

How do you say common phrases in Indonesian? ›

Indonesian Expressions and How to Use Them
  1. Makasih (mu-cu-seeh) Shortened from the word “terima kasih” which means thank you, just like how we say thanks in English. ...
  2. Aduh! ( u-dooh) ...
  3. Jalan-jalan (juh-lun juh-lun) ...
  4. Lihat-lihat (lee-hut lee-hut) ...
  5. Gemas (guh-mus)
Apr 15, 2020

How do you show respect in Indonesia? ›

Sitting with good posture (rigid) and both feet on the floor is a sign of respect. Don't allow the bottom of your feet to face or point at another person. Looking someone straight in the eyes is considered staring. Avoid prolonged eye contact, which may be viewed as a challenge and may cause anger.

How do you humbly say thank you? ›

Show Your Appreciation With 25 Other Ways To Say “Thank You”
  1. I'm so grateful. Thanks is an expression of gratitude, so cut to the chase. ...
  2. I appreciate it. ...
  3. Thanks for your hard work on this. ...
  4. I couldn't have done it without you. ...
  5. I owe you one. ...
  6. Much obliged. ...
  7. Thanks for having my back. ...
  8. Please accept my deepest gratitude.
Dec 9, 2021

How do you address someone with respect in Indonesia? ›

Indonesians usually address with 'Bapak' or 'Ibu' or 'Saudara/i'. Sometimes it is followed with the person's name. For example, Bapak Ahmad. Do NOT address these people with 'kamu':

What is the longest way to say thank you? ›

Formal Ways To Say“Thank You”
  • I'm forever indebted. You saved my life in that accident. ...
  • Please accept my deepest gratitude. ...
  • I sincerely appreciate this. ...
  • I couldn't have done it without you. ...
  • I can't thank you enough. ...
  • It means the world to me.
  • Words can't describe how thankful I am. ...
  • I appreciate you.

What can I say instead of thanks? ›

Here are seven alternatives to 'thank you. '
  • “I appreciate you.”
  • “Let me know if you need anything else.”
  • “Couldn't have done it without you.”
  • “You made this easy.”
  • “You're so helpful.”
  • “What do you think?”
  • “I'm impressed!”
Apr 12, 2018

What are three rules of etiquette you should follow when visiting Indonesia? ›

Basic Indonesian etiquette tips
  • Avoid using your left hand. This could be for touching someone, handing something to someone, or indicating towards something. ...
  • Cover up. ...
  • Don't show the soles of your feet. ...
  • Finish your whole plate of food. ...
  • Respect elders and people in high positions.
Jan 25, 2022

What is the easiest language Indonesia? ›

Bahasa Indonesia increasingly has gained popularity as one of the easiest foreign languages to learn, especially for English speakers.

How do you greet a Indonesian woman? ›

What is an appropriate way to greet someone in Indonesia? In general, a handshake is the most common way. Most Indonesians would not hug except for family members. A social cheek-to-cheek (muah-muah) is popular among women, but never between men and women (except for close family members) or among men.

What is the most common letter in the Indonesian language? ›

Accordingly, the letters A, N and E are the most frequent letters in the Indonesian language.

How do you greet a woman in Indonesia? ›

The most common hand gesture, with a gentle handshake either amongst women or men individually. In terms of greeting someone older than you and or the elderly, putting a hand on the heart and or a gentle bow of the head is considered respectful and customary.

Can I reply anytime for thanks? ›

The phrase any time is also used as an informal response to a person expressing thanks, similar to you're welcome. For example, when someone thanks you for helping them, you might respond by saying Any time!

How do you say I love you in Indonesian? ›

Don't worry, here are all the love phrases you need to bowl over your Indonesian love on this special day! I love you. Aku cinta kamu.

What does mas mas mean in Indonesia? ›

Javanese. In Javanese and broadly speaking in Java, Mbak is used for "older sister" and Mas is used for "older brother". "Mas" and "Mbak" are also used as formal honorifics for men and women in Java generally.

How do you respond to Selamat pagi? ›

Response to the greeting “selamat pagi” can be done by saying “selamat pagi” too. You can also add the name of the people or the words you used to address him or her. In informal occassion, you can also answer it by only saying “pagi”.

How do you say honest in Indonesian? ›

honest {adjective}

jujur {adj.}

What is jealous in Indonesian language? ›

jealous {adjective}

cemburu {adj.} jealous (also: envious) iri hati {adj.}

How do you say impress in Indonesian? ›

impress [impressed|impressed] {transitive verb}

mempengaruhi {v.t.} mengesankan bagi {v.t.}

What is considered disrespectful in Indonesia? ›

Traditional Indonesian culture emphasizes the need to live in harmony. Open displays of anger – shouting, hands on hips, rude looks, or slamming of doors – are all considered highly offensive behavior.

What are the 5 Indonesian values? ›

It is composed of five principles:
  • Ketuhanan yang Maha Esa (Belief in the one and only God)
  • Kemanusiaan yang adil dan beradab (Just and civilized humanity)
  • Persatuan Indonesia (The unity of Indonesia)

How do you praise someone in Indonesia? ›

How To Praise Woman or Girl's Beauty in Indonesian
  1. Kamu cantik : Ka – mu can – tik (You are beautiful/pretty)
  2. Kamu manis : Ka – mu ma – nis (You are sweet)
  3. Kamu imut : Ka – mu i – mut ( You are cute)
  4. Kamu sexy : Ka – mu se – xy (You are sexy)
Jan 6, 2023

How do you say thank you in simple words? ›

12 alternative ways to say thank you so much
  1. 1 “You're the best” ...
  2. 2 “I owe you” ...
  3. 3 “Many thanks” ...
  4. 4 “My warmest thanks” ...
  5. 5 “I can't thank you enough” ...
  6. 6 “You're a lifesaver” ...
  7. 7 “Thank you kindly” ...
  8. 8 “Much obliged”
May 22, 2023

What is humble in Indonesian language? ›

humble {adjective}

sederhana {adj.}

What is the most respectful way to address someone? ›

Use someone's first name when you're friends and colleagues. Use a title (Mr, Mrs or Ms) and the last name when you're in a more formal situation, or for people you don't know. You could also use this form with your boss (until she / he asks you to use their first name).

Which country says thank you the most? ›

In Britain we use 'please' and 'thank you' in almost every social interaction. We consider it polite and well mannered. In fact, researchers have found that Brits say 'thank you' more than any other nation (whether we always mean it is another matter!).

How do you say thank you in 7 languages? ›

Thank You in Different Languages
  1. French = merci.
  2. Spanish = gracias.
  3. German = danke.
  4. Italian = grazie.
  5. Portuguese = obrigado.
  6. Farsi/Persian = mam'noon.
  7. Hindi/Indian = dhanyavaad.
  8. Chinese = xièxiè
Mar 11, 2021

What is the short form of thank you very much? ›

Shorthand for Thank You Very Much, TYVM is an acronym commonly used in chat rooms and message boards.

How do you say thank you very much in short form? ›

TYSM or tysm is an abbreviation for the phrase “thank you so much”.

What does thank you ❤ mean from a girl? ›

It can be used to express gratitude, love, happiness, hope, or even flirtatiousness.

How do you tell someone how much they mean to you in words? ›

How to Tell Someone They're Important to You In Person
  1. “I know I don't say it enough, but I want to let you know that you mean the absolute world to me. ...
  2. “You are important to me and you matter to me in every way.” ...
  3. “I think I could stare into your eyes and find forever with you.”
May 1, 2023

How do you say thank you professionally? ›

✅ Thank you for your help/support
  1. I really appreciate your help.
  2. I wanted to express my gratitude for your help and support today.
  3. Your support means the world to me!
  4. I appreciate the way you supported me.
  5. Your help is greatly appreciated.
  6. I'm forever indebted to you for your support.
Apr 27, 2023

What does Selamat Pagi mean? ›

Selamat pagi! It means Good Morning in Malay.

How do you say hello and thank you in Bali? ›

People are excited to hear visitors making the effort to even say 'terima kasih' (thank you), or daily greetings like 'selamat pagi' (good morning).

What does Selamat Hari Natal mean? ›

1- Merry Christmas!

Selamat hari Natal!

What does Selamat Hari Lahir mean? ›

Selamat Hari lahir is the way to say “happy birthday” in Malay – the official language in Malaysia.

How do you say thank you and greet? ›

Other ways to say thank you in any occasion
  1. I appreciate what you did.
  2. Thank you for thinking of me.
  3. Thank you for your time today.
  4. I value and respect your opinion.
  5. I am so thankful for what you did.
  6. I wanted to take the time to thank you.
  7. I really appreciate your help. Thank you.
  8. Your kind words warmed my heart.
Feb 22, 2022

How do you say goodbye in Bali? ›

Good bye (See you later): Sampai jumpa, sampai ketemu. Good bye (Before leaving): Selamat jalan.

How do you say toilet in Indonesian? ›

Indonesians also like to say toilet as Kamar Kecil. In Bahasa Indonesia, kamar kecil refers restroom or toilet in a polite way. In many formal occasion or situation, Indonesian will likely to use the phrase kamar kecil to refer to toilet. You can pronounce kamar kecil as “come-are-k-chill” in Bahasa Indonesia.

How to remember Indonesian words? ›

Hey Indonesian learner!
  1. Use repetition: reading, writing and speaking words over and over again.
  2. Associate words with drawings, pictures and funny scenes.
  3. Try to use the language routinely in the context of daily life.
  4. Reading as much as possible, especially the newspaper, helps you to remember words.
Apr 28, 2016

How do you address a lady in Indonesia? ›

Indonesians normally address a lady as Ibu and a man as Pak or Bapak. It doesn't mean you look old. It is not uncommon for a lady in her 20s to be called Ibu especially if she has some social standing. Kamu means 'you'.


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